Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello from Kanzaki (Japan)

こんにちは This next post comes to us from a high school in Kanzaki, in the Saga Prefecture of Japan!

Welcome to our senior high school “Kanzaki Seimei”.  I’m a teacher .Our school is one of the public high schools in Saga prefecture. Saga prefecture is located in the western part of Japan, which is surrounded by beautiful nature such as mountains, rivers, seas and so on.  There are approximately 460 students in our school (male 190: female 270).

This year was very special year for our school, because our school has just celebrated the 100th school anniversary. On October 5th board, assembly, graduates, and junior high school teachers came to our school to celebrate this memorial day together with our school students.

There are 40 students in one class. (How many students are there in your school or in your class?) Our school has several interesting courses such as agricultural course, food & science course, business & computing course, life & welfare course, health & sports course, humanities & culture course. In Japan when kids turn 15 years old they usually take an entrance exam if they want to go to the senior high school.

There are different types of senior high schools in Japan. In our school, after the junior high school students are admitted after passing the entrance exam, they are supposed to make a plan about what to learn during their stay in our school based on their own future goal. If they are interested in giving support to senior citizens, they’ll study in the life & welfare course. If the student wants to do business at a company, they will study at the business & computing course which has many businesses related subjects such as book keeping, computing, marketing and so on.

One of the things that we can feel proud of at our school is our sports activities. In particular, our school is well known for the rhythmic gymnastics club. Our rhythmic gymnastics club won the championship in the national high school synthesis physical education meet. Our school won No1 among all senior high schools this summer. We were so excited.

Nice to meet you all! I’ll write you again.

Thank you Kanzaki! We look forward to hearing from you again!

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