Lesson Plan

Hello Teachers, Instructors, and Facilitators!
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Here`s a sample lesson plan for introducing this site to students.

Lesson Plan

1. What is a blog?
From web-log.
Does anyone follow any blogs?
Does anyone keep a diary? A blog?
(Can be combined with a computer lesson if you`re keen!)

2. Introduction to Hello From
What is Hello From? (modern pen-pals)

3. Read a post or posts and discuss
Hopefully this can become a weekly activity as we receive updates!

4. Write a post!
For large classes, students can be broken into groups and each given a subject to write about: History, Free-time, Food, Geography, Music, Sports... Then the results can be combined into a letter!

This can be incorporated with a lesson about letter writing(Dear... Sincerely... )

Please feel free to add ideas and adaptations in the comments!

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