Q & A

1.What is Q & A?

Q & A means Question & Answer.
This is a good place to ask questions about this blog!

2.Who writes the blog posts?

The blog posts are written by English-learners around the world.
They can be written by classes, groups, clubs, or individuals.

3.Can I write a post?

Yes, please! Send it to bloghellofrom@gmail.com and we will post it.

4.What should I write about?

Anything! First tell us where you are from and how you practice English.
Here are some ideas for posts:
Give us interesting information about your city
– what are some famous things to do and see?
Tell us about holidays in your town and country.
Tell us the news in your town.
Post your favorite recipe.
Tell us about your favorite music, favorite dances, or favorite sports teams.

5.Can I post more than once?

Please do!

6.I read a post and have a question for the writer. How can I ask them my question?

At the bottom of the post click *Comment* and write your question there!

7.I live in an English-speaking country, but I am still learning English. Can I post?

Yes! You can tell us about your home country or about your life in your new home.

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